E-book: How to be a good teacher in the age of technology.


This e-book provides tips to keep phones and wearable technology (ie earbuds) under control in your classroom so that you will have eager learners listening to you again. Yes, I said, eager and listening! Find out how to keep students motivated and filled with energy, and what you should send home in your Back to School package. As teachers, we can’t give up on guiding students’ use of phones as this can be a major factor in their mental and physical health. Students need less time on phones and more time using their imagination.

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  • Why you should send home a “Welcome Package” with your resume and a poster all about you.
  • Why sending home more information about your class rules, phone rules and expectations is going to establish a professional rapport.
  • Why Coaches are resigning? How to keep parents in a respectful role.
  • How to set children up for resilience in your class.
  • How to balance technology at home to set up study habits.
  • Collected interview and survey summarization thus far.
  • How to settle defensive parents.
  • Why the, “No WEARABLE technology” is the first rule in your class besides no phones.
  • Send home a contract of rules to parents include to tell them not to text their child in your class time
  • Give your students the edge and assist parents with exam prep time at home.
  • TIPS to help be as professional as possible 
  • Learn Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, why teachers can benefit from using it.