E-book: How to be a good parent in the age of technology.


Tips on how to manage, monitor kids’ use of technology, when to buy a phone for your child, how to push that date backwards and work with the parents of your child’s friends.

Also included, are tips on how to manage your and your child’s online presence, keep them safe, and what to do if and when things become scary. How to deal with nude photo’s, online bullying, sexting, cyber-grooming etc.

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Here are all the questions you might have and more tips and strategies to tackle, prevent, protect and guide your children through their phases with TECHNOLOGY!!!

  • When should I buy my child a phone?
  • Can I delay the purchase of a phone?
  • How to set up daily routines with phones?
  • How to set up rules, boundaries and guidelines.
  • Do you need to monitor your child’s phone?
  • How can I monitor my child’s phone?
  • What is an online village, and why do I need one?
  • What is cyberbullying and how does it affect your child and you?
  • Do you need strategies to approach parents about bullying and inappropriate phone use?
  • Why does your child need an alarm clock?
  • Where should you store passwords?
  • How to help your child detox from the gaming and phone addiction
  • How well should you know your child’s phone?
  • When and why you should use egg timers.
  • Why YouTube should be avoided until much later ages?
  • What App’s are better than Snapchat for your children?
  • Why should your child be close to you while using a device?
  • Why children should never have phones in their rooms?
  • What happens on playdates with devices? 
  • How should you create and write your family’s rules, especially if there are two households.
  • Nude photos and how to handle them. An interview with police.
  • How to monitor your child’s behaviour and really see your child in case they are becoming, withdrawn and pulling away. 
  • GAMING. Oh, GAMING. This is an entire essay on this topic.