E-book: How to be a good coach in the age of technology.


This e-book provides tips on coaching athletes and limiting distraction caused by the presence of technology to help them achieve more out of their sport. Teach them to play injury-free, regulate themselves and foster respectful relationships on and off their respective courts.  Coaches who set screen hours for teams see better results in performance, attitude and energy. Learn how to keep all your athletes off their phones at games, pre-games and practices. Practices are more important than games: they are where the real work happens. By sending home contracts for parents to sign about rules, boundaries and expectations provide a clear message of what you expect out of your players and their parents. This will establish a base level of communication for all involved so everyone is on the same page. Look to the Tips for Coaches and improve your season.
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These researched tips, suggestions and stories of experience will help provide coaches with tools to have a successful season, and are just a few of what is available in this document.
  • How to pick a team with good athletes but even better mental health.
  • Strategies on how to select good athletes with supportive parents.
  • Tips for bedtime routines and ways to avoid the devices before bed.
  • Tips to prevent fatigue from staying up late gaming or being on devices which leads to injuries and unfocused players at practices.
  • Statistics for parents to read about the increase of phone use and increase of injuries.
  • Motivational Quotes for parents and athletes for all to get started.
  • Contracts for both parents and athletes that include all of the above information and statistics
  • Methods of keeping clear and open communication between parents, athletes and Coaches. Different apps and formatted emails to convey you message.
  • How Social Media comments help and hurt a team and some tips to regulate this difficult beast from becoming a downward spiral.
  • Methods to build team morale in a world where parents can taint various versions of this. How to build this on your own.
  • A clear mission statement from the coach about your experience, rules and expectations is mandatory to set the right tone for the season. It puts the right foot forward and everyone can catch an early glimpse of what is ahead. Details about how to write one are included and an example are provided.