30 Day Phone Addiction Detox


This course teaches the parents how to guide their child throughout a 30-day detox program for your child/children. This includes a 6 part video series, worksheets and a support group.

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The 30 DAY phone addiction detox program is six modules in all. They include worksheets to follow along and help you connect to the information and statistics. Each module includes different educational information about cell phones and all that comes with them. The Introduction is divided into 2 modules.
This program helps you create the necessary routines in order to help lower screen use. They layout to the Canadian Paediatric Guidelines statistics as well for mental health issues and addiction.

  • Routines for:
    • Mealtimes
    • Beditmes
    • Exercise
    • Bonding time
    • and of course Screen time.
  • Each involves prep work and an analysis
  • Each module has a different learning topic, like cyberbullying or luring
  • It offers a weekly Zoom support group.
  • It offers a FB support group
  • It has Larissa, your parent educator to help guide you.

If you follow through on all the routines, work and be Consistent for 30 days it is possible to reduce hours by half.
You can do this PARENTS.