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"The Pandemic Series, How can we help parents?"

Phones/behaviour patterns and solutions for all

1. Elizabeth Skirving, FERN SPEECH & LANGUAGE SERVICES, London

What is her advice to parents to prepare kids for high school and beyond? Try her executive skills program and methods to help children with their language skills.

2. Kristina Campos from Impactful parent

We talk about 5 tips that can help parents become closer with their children and how to watch for signs of drug use and depression. https://theimpactfulparent.com

3. PHINNAh, Parenting Teen solutions

Phinnah and I talk about how parents can become closer to their teens and how to motivate them.

4. Reverand, Nancy Colier, LCSW, The power of off


5. Larissa Mills finds an odd discovery from her experts.

Larissa discovers what all four experts are advising parents to do at home, during the pandemic. Parents, find out what they are all saying and how it will change your families happiness.