Frustrations & Cellphones

Parents are sharing their frustrations with me about their children’s addiction to their phones and how it is affecting their school work and life at home. Teachers are very concerned about students because there is simply a complete lack of focus.

I supply teach and find on average a student checks there phone every 3-5 minutes during the class. If we are working in groups, partners or even during teaching lectures students are still off in La La Land wondering who liked their dress on Instagram or making a drug deal on their phone, meeting outside the classroom at the cafeteria. I could go on. Not much of a child’s life is focused on learning anymore. This website provides parents with tips and tools to help their child be part of the family again and to learn that School is an institution for learning and growing, not buying a new APP while you are in French class. This learned behaviour will not help them in College or University.

We were raised in a different generation where our parents played with us after school or we went outside and after supper we played, but things have changed too quickly for many of us to know how technology is affecting our children’s brain, social development and physical development. This site’s purpose is to be a healthy, positive liaison between parents and teachers and to whomever is interested in how cell phone and social Medias are affecting our children.

By sharing our questions and listening to what physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists are telling us will help us navigate this gauntlet. Through research and observation we can learn what is best for our children.

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  1. Children are using phones as their only source of communication and are not developing socially. Students are not able to write, talk and use at grade level vocal.
    The more a child is on a device the are delaying, speech, writing and communcation skills.

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