Self Talk, it is easy to teach at any age

Self Talk refers to the ongoing internal conversation with ourselves, which influences how we feel and behave. For example, you find yourself in a traffic jam while rushing to work one morning. Your self-talk could be pessimistic and you might think, “My whole day is ruined” or you say to yourself, “I will just push things all back today and make the time up later.” How we talk to ourselves all day determines our mood and productivity, our relationships and overall, our mental health. Read More

Tech Neglect

Families are spending 80/hours less a week together bonding and socializing. What does this mean for your children? How will this affect their mental health?
Children need to form the security attachment bond, love and reliability with a parent.This attachment is key to their overall psychological development. If it isn’t formed usually children will start to demonstrate unwanted behaviour. What can parents do to protect and nourish this bond? I will tell you how to keep routines and provide strategies for help at home. Stay Safe and stay home!!

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Creating a Parenting Pledge

Parents, Take the Pledge! Be present for your family’s Mental Health. Let’s create a pledge that is built by all of us. There are so many more social cues to …