Tech Neglect

What is tech neglect?

Why are parents spending 30-40 hours less a week with their children?

  • Parents work full time to pay for rent, bills and food.
  • Parents are on their phones, 4 hours/day now.
  • Children are on their devices for 4-5 hours a day.
  • Children are left to their own devices after school, unmonitored.
  • Less energy to take children to activities.
  • A decrease in socialization for children is happening to all children.
“Phones are not toys nor do they replace parents.”Michelle Ponti

How to gain those hours back so your child develops normally and succeeds in Education.

    1. Canadian Paediatric Society  Dr. Michelle Ponti says, “Phones are not toys nor do they replace parents.” Children should only be on devices, 1 hour a day.” Children need their parents to play with them and spend time with them. Interaction is how a child’s brain develops. 
    2. Organize your time with your children. Spend 10 minutes each week and organize all of your time. Organize meals while listening to music as a family (DJ DISHES TIME) clean up after dinner together. Children need to learn how to do chores. Studies show a higher level of success if children do chores. Our children love being a DJ, (we don’t) but they do. If you need to organize carpools, pickups etc. do it. If it means your week is easier and you can make good meals and spend time with one child at a time do it. Quality time. Play cards, board games, watch a nature show series.
    3. Control their device time or delay them from having any.  If you are at work until later. Have them do their homework, chores and then call you to ask for the permission on their device. Hopefully, you can push device time to when you are home and need to do your stuff. Unmonitored time usually leads to unwanted behaviour.  5 hours a week, not 25. By sticking to this schedule families can gain 15-20 hours back to devote to family time and the keep children from falling behind in speech and social interaction.
    4. Your Device behaviour determines their device behaviour. In our house, we don’t go on our laptops unless we are at the table, working. Try to go on your phone when your children are out of your site or sleeping. Just because Steve Jobs created phones, doesn’t mean we should have bought them.  The psychological consequences to our mental and feelings of isolation come technology. Demonstrate responsible phone use. You are their role models.
    5. Keep reading at night with them. Keep an alarm clock in their room, so they don’t ever need their phones. Keep them in activities all sorts, use your public activities and free programs. It is absolutely clear from speech and language specialists that children are not talking, using their words or composing sentences. By JK, teachers are saying that children are coming to school with no cooperation, compromising, concentration, control or communication skills.
    6. Kick them outside. For the past 8 years, we have been seeing studies for children to go outside. Well, there are many reasons why they need to go outside, not just in a building.
      • By being outside their immune systems inhale various microbes needed for their immune growth.
      • Children need to exert their energy. Their proprioception needs to develop, this helps their athleticism later on. Coaches have observed children are not as coordinated.
      • After being outside playing, children are happier and much more focused. They listen more clearly too.
      • They learn how to gauge high-risk situations and learn to be more confident at this school.
"Children should only be on devices, [for a maximum of] 1 hour a day.”Michelle Ponti

Tips for Family time.

Spending time with your children needs to be uninterrupted by phones. You can’t be glancing at your emails or scrolling through Instagram or the like. If you don’t,  it is essentially neglect. Children want to show you things and share their ideas with you, so let them. Socialization needs to be valued and done properly or our children will suffer mentally.

You can’t be glancing at your emails or scrolling through Instagram or the like.

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