Larissa Mills

Founder of and also a parent, teacher, coach and educational consultant.

About the Founder:

About 10 years ago, Larissa, in her role as a teacher, parent and coach, observed a dramatic increase in unwanted and even violent behaviour in children. She saw a possible link between this negative behaviour and the increase in children's cell phone use. This inspired her to start a research proposal to investigate the link further. In her preliminary interviews with school administrators, teachers and early childhood educators, there was a resounding consensus indicating a negative change in children's behaviour since the introduction of handheld devices in the classroom and at home. Her focus quickly expanded to include how parents balance and monitor their childrens' use of cell phones and devices. Today, this negative, violent behaviour is still occurring and becoming increasingly worse.  Larissa fears that if parents don't heed the medical guidelines, children will be unteachable in the classroom.

Larissa has created strategies, tips, procedures and protocols to help parents find routines that foster less tech-time. Larissa hopes that her research will provide guidance to parents, coaches and school staff and help children refocus on listening and learning to become happy and thrive as adults. Larissa would like to encourage parents in listening to the medical experts and respecting the school boards’ ban on phones. She wholeheartedly believes that children need to take back their childhoods instead of spending it sitting inside on a phone. See how her suggestions can help your family.

Larissa is a proud mom of 3 kids, who are also growing up in this new tech era. She coaches volleyball and loves all sports. She would like to see children being more athletic, active, finding hobbies and enjoying life. She is concerned about the future of all children, their mental health and the impact this collectively has on society.

Her StorY

Master of Education in Science of Education; Niagara University. Focus: Behavioural Management,
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and English, University of Western Ontario
Specialist I and II in Special Education; Niagara University
Certificate in Behavioural Managementfrom Thames Valley District School Board
Owned Studio for 15 years.
20 combined years of teaching experience in Adult Education, Academic Summer School, Supply Teaching, History, English, and Intense Support Teacher