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Welcome, Parents of kids with phones!

Have we given up on kids with phones? Well, we can't.

This website is for Parents, Teachers and Coaches to access strategies, tips and research articles that will help troubleshoot children's problems surrounding cell phones or devices. More and more, parents are at a loss to set up rules, boundaries and strategies for their children's phone use. Phones are causing unnecessary stress on families leading to more mental heath concerns and issues in their education and athletic performance.

Public speaking and presentations can be offered at schools, offices, and large groups. Worksheets, tip lists, scenario work, and strategies for parents to implement will be provided.  For costs and details, please email: larissa@iparentgen.com.


Raising children in the age of technology is new to all of us. Questions and concerns are being asked daily about how to properly manage the screens in our children's lives. This website is an ongoing research platform, created to help parents learn from each other about what is working (and what is not) in their homes to maintain a happy, balanced family.

We were raised in a different generation where our parents played with us after school or we went outside after supper until we were called. However, life has changed quickly and dramatically for families. Parents need to know how technology is affecting their child's brain, social development and physical development. Overall, how is technology affecting and impacting their learning?

This site's purpose is to be a constructive, healthy, positive liaison between parents, teachers and students or to whomever is interested. This site looks at how technology, cell phones and social media are affecting our children and its impact on what they are learning and even how they are learning.

Asking questions and listening to what physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists are recommending to us as parents, teachers and coaches help us navigate this technological gauntlet.

Through research and observation, we can learn how to prevent and solve issues that may arise from our use of technology. This website will help parents tackle tech-related incidents with confidence and experience.

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